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Northern Bicycle Guides

Ultimate E-Bike Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for a smoother commute or a less physically demanding ride around town, electric bikes offer something for every rider. E-bikes are better for the environment, cheaper than driving, and faster than many traditional bikes. The problem is there are different  types of e-bikes. So how do you know what is the best one for you? 

Essential Schedule of Bike Repairs for Winnipeg Riders

Regular maintenance can save you money! Avoid unexpected emergencies and expensive component replacements by being proactive.

Preventing bike theft in Winnipeg

Bike theft is a big topic in Winnipeg. Protecting your beloved bicycle is always an important thing to consider. We have several tips to keep your bike safer, and ideas of what to do should your bike be stolen.

E-bikes can change your life!

E-bikes are taking the world by storm and for good reason. We see more and more e-bikes around Winnipeg. They're the perfect combination of efficiency, convenience, and adventure. Not to mention life changing, find out how!

Winter Cycling

Let us demystify winter cycling in Winnipeg and beyond for you. There's a lot to consider, but in this guide we will help you understand how you can enjoy bike rides in winter season.

Solve your pain and add style

We get it sometimes your bike hurts you. But this can be fixed by upgrading your touch points -grips, saddle, and pedals. We have some great ideas foryou.