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WTB Horizon 650Bx47K, Tan wall Adventure Tire

This is a smooth rolling tire that has no issues when faced with hard packed dirt roads or trails. Fits 650b or 27.5 Bike Rims.
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Simply calling this tire a Road Tire really doesn't do it justice. These can withstand most terrain you throw at it and roll right through with little to no resistance. These tires can keep you riding longer as you will be tempted to take paths off the main roads that you may not normally be able to take with smaller tires. 

The smooth shape of these make them optimal for road commuting, while the massive size and air volume will mean at low pressure the tire will roll around small hazards and bumps. 


Review from Employee

Scott S. - 1 Year of use, 500KM


Road Riding 

Coming from a road bike with 700x25c tires, my bum and back are in heaven. The bumb absorption is really good for Manitoba roads. I have a slightly more resistant ride, simply due to the larger surface area, but due to the smoother ride I can deal with it.

For a commuter it is a perfect tire. Fast with not much resistance, but big enough to float over issues. 


Packed Gravel and Mud 

Super fast decently controllable. On straight paths, they are great. Although when turning sharply you should slow down as there is not much in the way of knobs to dig into loose dirt. 



When lowered to 30-35 psi these tires have good traction in climbing. I have never slipped, although I am a cautious off-road rider, I am not trying to brake a speed record. At higher pressure from 40-55PSI I feel a little more slipping then what I am comfortable with. 


Rocks and Roots 

These are BEEFY tires, they are about as fat as you can get for a road bike tire whilst still calling them a road tire. This means you have tons of air to let your tire bend around small roots and rocks sized from 1-2 inches. Like climbing I would recommend lowering your your pressure to 30-35 psi so your tires simply don't bounce around these rocks.

Anything bigger then small rocks and roots the tire will slip right off of. So if the trail gets a bit bumpy you will end up spending more time avoiding rocks them roiling over them.  


Wet Sand, Mud, and Limestone Roads

AMAZING! These tires will float right through most roadside slop without getting bogged down. I have tried to get stuck a few times in some construction zones and was quite surprised that I didn't stop. Although I was going through these with quite a momentum, I wouldn't recommend trying to get stuck by doing silly things like slowing down. 






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