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Ice Skate Sharpening




We can sharpen your Ice skates!

With our new Sparx skate sharpener, we can easily and consistently sharpen your skates. We can efficiently sharpen your skates with the perfect grind every time.  We can sharpen all types of skates, including figure skates.


How do I drop off my skates? 

When you make your order online, give us a call and we can organize the best time to drop by. The time it takes to sharpen your skate usually averages 10-20 minutes per pair. The time will depend on how worn the skates are and how large our workload is on that day. 

Or drop by our convenient location. Generally, If you have one pair of skates, we will be done in the time it takes you to grab a coffee and come back. 


Find us at 1841 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB.


Sharpening grinds available.

  • Regular
  • Goalie 
  • Figure skate