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Care Kit For Waxless Skis N03, I0061S, SWIX

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Includes Easy glide, ski base cleaner, and Fiberlene cloth. 

Easy Glide makes the glide sections perform better and avoid icing in the grip section. Covers all temperature ranges. Bottle with applicator for easy application. Apply Easy Glide on the total length of the ski base including the grip section. A one minute job. Liquid. 2.7 fl. oz.

Base Cleaner Aerosol spray. Lightly scented. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solvent capacity. Non-ozone depleting aerosol. Spray on the base, remove as much wax or klister as possible with a scraper, and wipe off with Fiberlene paper. 2.4 fl. oz.

Fiberlene cloth is a preferred product when cleaning skis. It is a specific tissue that is made to nor leave lint residue that will otherwise cause drag while skiing. Use this cloth to wipe away any wax, dirt or debris after using a ski base cleaner. 

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