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Shop Covid Update, Summer 2021

Well, here we are. Year two into Covid and things have started to get a little more easier to understand. 

First off we would like to thank you, our customers and friends, for how awesome you have been during this time. We have had no issues with people not sanitizing, wearing masks, or complaining about lines.

It is customers like you that make us come into work everyday.

We are all in this together! For just a little bit longer.



1. We can only have one person in the store at a time.

Not one family. There can be exceptions if you are with your child. If necessary we can even bring a bike or product out to you to look at outside. Test rides are still possible, and our return period is staying the same at 15 days.


2. We have flipped the shop!


There is a ton of construction on Portage, this will continue until August. The front door on portage is now locked and is closed to the public. You can now park in the back and walk in trough the yellow door with a bike wheel on it. 


3. We got lounge chairs for you to chill while you wait


We know lineups will be an issue because of the two previous items above. To help your stress and ours we got some nice comfy lounge chairs to take a seat in while you wait. We may even do some other nice things... 


4. Curbside Pickup

Not necessarily a update on this, but more so a reminder to keep it up! We have gotten really good at our turnaround time, the moment you make an online order we are usually able to complete it within an hour. It costs nothing extra and returns are always possible if it doesn't work out.

Click here to learn how to make a Curbside Pickup order.

5. Supply for Bikes and parts are still an issue 


Due to the madness that is the 2020's, the global demand still outweighs supply for most bike things. This means most bikes are sold quicker then we can make them. If you are on of the people who ordered a bike and are still waiting, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. We just haven't gotten the bike yet. 

If you are still looking for a bicycle this year there is still hope for you. There are tons of unclaimed bikes we expect to still come. Give us a call and we can give you a hand in finding the right one for you.