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Northern Bicycle Co. | Loyalty Rewards

In July 2020 we launched a loyalty program to be able to give our best customers the best deal around. We are proud to boast that we are the only bike shop in Winnipeg that has a modern working loyalty program that easily gives you a discount on the products you want and need!


In summary you will be able to save approximately 5% off everything, in the value of redeemable points. 


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How does it work?

Every $1 you spend with us online or in store will give you 100 points. You can redeem those points when you collect 20,000 points, or 100,000 points. 


  • $1 = 100 points 
  • 20,000 points = $10 off 
  • 100,000 points = $50 off 


We have a reward specifically for repairs in store. At 50,000 points you receive $25 off your bike repair.  


Bonus Points 

 You can earn bonus points from doing these following things.


  • We will give you 500 points to sign up. 
  • If you log your birthday in your online account, you will also receive a reward on your birthday! 
  • From time to time we will offer points earning events. Keep posted to our website for details for when these happen! 

How do I sign up?


You can sign up by making an account on our website and going to the “Rewards Tab”. When adding your phone number, make sure you add your Mobile Phone number. You will then receive an automated text showing you how to access your account. 


Sign up here 



If you ask one of our helpful staff, we will do it all for you! We will need your first and last name, along with your phone number. Your email can also be added if you wish to provide it.


It does not matter which method you use. As long as the information you provide in store is the same as what you used to log into your online account, your points should carry over to your online account.



Like all good things in life, we need to have some rules in place.


Do not abuse the program.

Frequent purchases and refunds will be monitored and points can be taken away if we see you are only doing this to build points. 


Only one point redemption can be used in a single order.

If you do want to purchase many items and receive as much of a discount as possible, you can alternatively make multiple orders.