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Norco fat bike rentals

We have premium Norco bigfoot fat bikes available for rental at our shop in Winnipeg. Pick from 1/2 day, a full day, a weekend, or even a full week rental period.

We have a simple hassle-free process, book online or in-store, come to the store on your rental date, and the bike will be tuned up and waiting for you, head out on your adventure. 

Bike rentals offer a great opportunity to explore Winnipeg and surrounding trails by bike(we really love southern comfort in St. Norbert) or the many trails in Birds Hill Park. Imagine the fun you'll have to cruise through a white pine forest in Winnipeg on a fat bike!


  1/2 Day 24Hr 2 Day 3 Days Week
Norco Bigfoot $44.99 $79.99 119.99 $199.99 399.99



Ready to get your adventure started with a bike rental in Winnipeg?