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Northern Bicycle Co. | Bike Rentals in Winnipeg

Norco Scene cruiser bike rental

With a short supply of bikes this year, we want everyone to have a chance to rent our most popular bike, a Norco Scene 3. 


The scene is a lightweight step thru bike. It calls back to the design of a Dutch Bikes that are popular in Europe. 


How to rent 

Click here to rent a Norco Scene! 


Norco Bigfoot fat bike rental

Due to the crazy demand and low supply for Fat Bikes this year we want to give the option to be able to ride these bikes to everyone.


Season Length is from October to February. 

How to rent 

Click here to rent a Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike! 



Car bike rack rentals 

Do you need a bike rack for your car, but don't want to fully purchase one just yet.

Maybe you have a car with a hitch and really want a rack, but you don't have the space to store the rack when you're not using it.

We got your rack! Our Swagman 2 bike and 4 Bike racks are built for heavy bikes in mind. 



How to rent 

 Click here to rent a car rack!