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Northern Bicycle Co. | Bike Car Rack Rental

Car Rack rentals 

Do you need a bike rack for your car, but don't want to fully purchase one just yet.

Maybe you have a car with a hitch and really want a rack, but you don't have the space to store the rack when you're not using it.

We got your rack! Our Swagman 2 bike and 4 Bike racks are built for heavy bikes in mind. 


To rent a car rack, Click Here!

Why Swagman? 

Swagman is a great product that is based in Canada. We prefer local Canadian products over international products. This usually means we can get a better priced rack and pass the savings onto you, while not worrying that it will fall apart on the highway. For our customers who are mainly 4-6 people families sometimes you just need a rack that works and won't break on long road trips. A Swagman Car rack is what you need. 

Will only be renting hitch mounted car racks. A car or truck with a 1-1/4" and 2" hitch receiver, class 2 or higher can use our racks. 


If you don't have a hitch, we can always sell you a trunk mounted or roof mounted rack from us. Take a look at our in stock car racks to see what we currently have.


Our rates are as follows; 

Swagman XTC 2 TILT, 2 Bike Hitch Rack 

1 Day - $20

1 Week - $110

10 Days - $150


Swagman Quad 2+2 4 bike rack

1 Day - $30

1 Week - $160

10 Days - $220