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Lezyne, Macro Floor Drive 2.5", Bike Pump

A pump you can fix! This is a classically built bike pump accepts both Schrader or Presta bike valves. Pressure up to 220psi.
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At Northern Bicycle, we are simple guys. We like simple products that we would use in our personal lives. However we REALLY love products that we accidentally end up using in the shop when we should be selling them. We REALLY LOVE this pump. Why Do we love this pump you ask? It's easy to use, and more importantly, WE CAN FIX IT! 
We are mechanics, or Professional Tire Pumpers, and we have really big popeye sized arms from pumping up bike tires all day. This means we tend to brake puny bike pumps. We have used this pumps bigger brother for about a year now. A year of consistent manly pumping tires all day long. We have only oiled the gaskets once. We are also starting to notice a little wobble in the pump tube, this can be fixed with a little bit of plumbers tape. Aside from that, it has never failed us. This is what we use in our shop rather then using an air compressor. 

What does this mean for you, a regular tire pumper. It means as long as you maintain it, you will have a pump for the rest of your life.

If anything ever fails on you, Lezyne has cheep replacement parts ranging from handles to pressure gages that are really easy to install. Just give us a call and we can order the part you need. 


Other Facts.

  • Effortless Inflation with 220psi max
  • New Composite Matrix base
  • Steel barrel, Composite Matrix construction
  • Ergonomically molded handle
  • -01, -02: ABS-1 Pro head
  • -03, -04: Dual Valve head
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Need help?
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