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Jet Black Adjustable Laptop Table

Working from home and getting a workout will be at least 10% more productive with this stand for your laptop.
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Like us you probably rather be riding your bike rather then sitting at a desk working. However like us you need to eat food and keep the lights on. With this table you can now do both and your employer won't even notice the difference! 


Don't work from home? Just run zwift or your other preferred virtual reality device on a tablet and put it on the table! 

Don't like computers? Then this is the perfect t.v. table for eating microwave dinners on while you ride. You don't even need to own a bike to do that.



Sleek, light and foldable.

A great partner for your indoor trainer. Designed for the perfect placement of tablets, smartphones and laptops used while training. Sleek, light and easy to store when not in use.

Built-in tablet and smartphone cutouts as well as a non-slip surface to ensure laptops ensure sturdy positioning of devices. Included in our design is a conveniently placed bottle holder and towel hook.

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