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Winter tires - get them before it's too late

Winter tires - get them before it's too late

That four letter word, which we all try not to say comes soon. Yea snow. There we said it. Phew. It's inevitable, winter is coming to Winnipeg. When the wet and snow hit the ground and you’re slipping and sliding around.

Your friendly bike ride gets rowdy in a hurry without proper tires to handle the conditions. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the side of the road because the tires you have decided enough is enough.

With a better tire choice you can remain upright and confident all fall and winter long.

Imagine out enjoying a great ride knowing you’ll keep moving forward regardless of the conditions. Thats what proper winter tires can do for you.


Some say studs are needed, and we have studded tires in stock to tackle the Winnipeg winter cycling conditions. The other option is there are some great tires by Continental and Michelin that will give you the confidence needed. They aren’t studded but have all the technology car tires offer to give you the grip you need.

Stop by our Winnipeg bike shop now to get winter tires setup on your bike. Beat the rush so you will know with confidence your bike is ready to tackle whatever winter throws at it.

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