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Why You Should Rent Gear Instead of Buying It

Why You Should Rent Gear Instead of Buying It

Life is so busy these days from work to home life, trying to connect with friends, and wanting to squeeze in some adventures. What adds to the busyness of adventuring is all the gear you need and trying to keep it maintained when all you want to do is just get out there and have fun. We understand you want to go cross country skiing in Winnipeg or ride a fat bike around Assiniboine Park.

That’s why renting gear is awesome. You get all the benefits of easy access to gear but none of the fuss of maintenance. Seriously a time saver. our skis are always waxed and ready and our fat bikes are tuned up regularly. Plus added bonus, you’re getting to use the latest and newest gear instead of the potentially tired old stuff in your garage.

Speaking of your garage. Does it have any space to put more gear into it? Nope?! Exactly, with renting fat bikes or skis, you save that precious space for the important things like your kid’s grade school work from 20 years ago and all their stuff that’s magically still invading your home even though they have their own garage now.

And one more thing, by renting gear you’re supporting small businesses that are passionate about adventuring just like you are. Here at Northern Bicycle, we offer some great rental options for winter adventures in Winnipeg and beyond. We rent cross-country skis, fat bikes, and now offer skishoes by Altai.

Oh dang, we’re excited about Altai. A new product for us this year, and we’d love to get you out on some. We love that they will take you places beyond where the groomed trail ends. We’ll be found outside exploring the stunning white pine forests all around us this winter on the Altai hok skis.

Oh sorry back to why to rent (we get excited over here about our products!).

Seriously, the reasons to rent are many, but these are our top three:

You don’t have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of the gear, we take care of that for you. Just enjoy your rental and turn it back into us when you’re done.

The latest and greatest gear. By renting, you have the opportunity to try out new products before you buy them.

You’re not overwhelming your precious storage space with more and more new gear. Pssst… by the way… did you know we offer winter storage for your bike?

$200 we’ll take care of keeping it safe while it sleeps all winter (if you have an e-bike, you keep the battery with you), and it includes a tuneup so it’s fresh this spring.

Come on in and see us at Northern Bicycle and have a chat with us about our rental options or book your rental online. We’d love to see you and help you get out and adventure this winter around Winnipeg.