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Why you should not convert your current bike to an e-bike

Why you should not convert your current bike to an e-bike

You love your current bike but wish it had a bit more ummff. We understand! Sometimes the headwinds are hard to ride against. Also, your current bike is comfortable and feels like home. Our inclination is to think what if I converted my current bike to an e-bike instead of getting a whole new bike? 
There are many aspects to consider with the idea of e-bike conversions. Yes, you can do it, but that doesn't mean you should. Consider a shopping cart, of course, it could be used as a wheelbarrow. But a shopping cart has holes in it, so your load may spill through. It won't do a task well because that's not what it was designed for. Your current bike would be the same idea. 
Think of all the amazing reasons you love your current bike whether it's a mountain bike, hybrid, or even a cruiser. All those amazing rides you've had together, places you've gone, and sights you've seen. We get it, we love our bikes that way too. But sadly an e-bike conversion may take all that joy away and make you not love your bike how you do now. 
With an electric motor kit to convert your bike, there is no question your bike will handle differently. It wasn't designed to have the weight of a motor on it and apply torque as an e-bike does. A once smooth turn could become a squirrely feeling.  
With the advancements in technology, more and more people are looking to get their hands on a new e-bike. They can be expensive so it's natural to think you could save by converting your current bike into an e-bike. But what is the true cost of such a conversion? Will you really end up saving money? Or simply adding onto your current bike causing it to not work as well as you would like?
More than likely a conversion will cost you as much as a new bike. To be a successful conversion, you'll need to get your hands on an electric bike kit. This will include all the wiring, motors, and other necessary bits.
This is just the beginning. You're going to have to pay for installation. Most kits are very confusing to install and thus you will need someone who can do it (a qualified e-bike mechanic). Or you will invest in some DIY repair courses and then put the hours in yourself which can take a lot more of your time up.
And what about the cost? Depending on where you live, it's not uncommon for bike conversions to cost $2000-$3000.
So with that kind of cost which is equal to a new e-bike, it makes more sense to buy a new e-bike.
Bottom line: if you have a bike that's purpose is to be pedaled leave it as a pedal bike. If you want to make those hills, headwinds, or trails, easier then there's no substitute for a quality made-for-purpose electric bicycle
We have great e-bike options in stock. Our mechanics are Winnipeg's e-bike specialists. Stop by to learn more about e-bikes and what would suit you and your budget the best.