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Why ride electric bikes

Why ride electric bikes

Ebikes makes your commute to work easier, no more battling headwinds, struggling up hills, or  simply helps you get out to enjoy outside when your body isn't quite feeling it. Take a ride on an electric bike and experience positive energy while you enjoy the day. Take the bike path or the trail - with pedal-assist, it's all an easy ride. Watch the miles and worries fly away. 


Arrive Sweat-Free

Electric bikes employ a system known as pedal-assist. This means that the motor gives you an added boost as you pedal, amplifying your efforts. Top speeds can be as much as 30 km/hr with minimum effort. Cruise past traffic and climb up hills with relative ease. If you’re commuting, that means you’ll arrive at work less hot than if you were riding a non-assisted bike.


Helps with your fitness

The effort required to keep yourself moving may be less than on a normal bike, but you’ll still be turning the pedals and putting in a significant amount of the energy required to move yourself along. The exercise will strengthen your muscles and up the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, so you’ll be able to do more off the bike and feel fresher too. 


An ebike will help you keep up with your mates

One of the major benefits of electric bikes cited by their users is the ability to keep pace with faster riders. It makes group rides more enjoyable, as less fit riders don’t feel that they’re holding fitter ones back. It’s also good for family rides, where abilities may differ.

That also makes them a social form of exercise, meaning that you can chat with your friends as you ride.

For those with disabilities, it’s a good way to get out and get fit with less exertion and frustration. Also it can help you enjoy cycling longer into your life. Let's face it we all age and an electric bike can help you enjoy cycling into your later years of life. 


Overall a electric bike can be a versatile way to get out and enjoy cycling, reduce the effort, and increase the enjoyment.

We're a full service ebike shop, we carry several great brands including Norco, iGo, and Envo to get you riding. And our mechanics can service any ebike brand, we're the only bike shop in Winnipeg that specializes in ebikes.