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Where are all the bike parts?

Where are all the bike parts?

In short, there are none. That’s anticlimactic, I know. The world has just run out of bike parts, for at least a few months, it could even be longer. Our average restocking time from our suppliers is running to June-July for standard parts such for ranging from $15 - $40. For Premium parts such as Deore derailleurs, we are looking at february 2022.

Why are there no parts?

It is the perfect storm. With Covid still a reality, gyms across the continent are closing again, and people have been locked up inside for months saving their money.This has given people more disposable income to buy a new bike. Couple that with an early spring, and you get a mad dash to the bike shop to buy a new bike for your entire family.

On the other side of the world where the parts are made Covid is also still an issue. When factories close down this means parts are not being produced. This also means parts are not being shipped because ports are significantly slowed down.. If they do make it across the ocean, then they are also being hit with delays when they off-load (quarantines, labour shortages, you name it). 


Finally, most new parts also have to be shared with new bikes being sold. Because people are buying more new bikes costing $600 - $1200, most of the midgrade parts are being used before they can be individually sold to repair old bikes. 

What does this mean if you need your bike fixed now? 


If possible don’t break your bike, and be gentle if it is something worth a few bucks. If something catastrophic goes bad, you may not be able to get the replacement parts to fix it. Summer hasn’t even started yet.

We will need to get creative if there are just no parts to fully replace worn out ones. We can fix what we can, maybe not perfectly, but this is just for the time being. Luckily at Northern Bicycle, we are creative and can most likely fix many parts if they are salvageable. If not, we will try to make sure the bike is at least safe to ride. 


We have also turned off all parts from being purchased online. We need to prioritize repairs that come into our shop and our local customers.

Let's stay in this for just a little longer. On the bright side we have a early spring, and although it is snowing while I write this, it will be sunny again soon.

Keep riding and we will see you on the trails!
- Northern Bicycle Co.