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Where are all the bikes, and why do they cost more?

Where are all the bikes, and why do they cost more?

Hello Friends, 


Back in April we posted a blog trying to answer the question of where all the bike parts were. If you haven't seen it, read it here. 

As an update on that post and to give you some confidence, we have found bike parts! How did we do this? We got really good at our jobs, Robb is an absolute Legend at clicking the BUY NOW button when a parts come in stock.


Along with our bike parts being in stock, we also got a ton of bike accessories. We think we have figured out what you want from us as a shop, and we have found our place in the Winnipeg bike community.


Are bikes still out of stock?

Good news, bikes have been coming in stock! Over the last month we have received more bikes than we can fit in our shop. Right now we have a floor loaded with bikes. If you are in need of a bike, please come by and check out what we have in stock! Or even better look online and explore your options before you come in. 


What about the bike I special ordered?

You would have already received an email from us informing you of any known delays. 

We are doing our best to encourage those bikes you ordered to get here. Currently, problems in manufacturing and shipping are making it tough to find the bikes you ordered. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to contact us anytime to check in on the status of your bike. We promise as soon as the bike is in our store, we’ll be calling you to let you know.


Colour is important, but your favourite colour may not be available.  

Due to supply shortages we have been getting random assortments of colours from our suppliers. Even if we ordered a specific colour it is not guaranteed to come in. Fortunately Norco and KHS have some pretty nice frame paint. Even our more neutral coloured bikes in black or grey still look pretty sharp.

If you are not picky on a bike colour we can work with you. 


Did bike prices go up?

Yes they have, on some bikes the price has increased significantly since we opened in April 2020. We are honest in saying this, we do not like increasing prices. Our goal was to sell affordable bikes to the average person who wants a quality bicycle. With this new pricing we know it will be harder for some families to justify buying a new bike. 


Are Fat Bikes going to be here before winter?

We recently got word that our fat bikes will start coming in stock late January 2022. They may even take later to get here if there are more unforeseen delays. 


What do we have in stock RIGHT NOW?

Although we don't have any Fat Bikes yet, we did a smart thing and ordered everything you need to have fun and stay healthy this winter. 


For people who don't enjoy the cold weather, we supply indoor trainers that attach to your current bike and turn it into an indoor stationary bicycle.


For those who do enjoy our winter weather, we’ve got winter snow and ice tires for your bike. We have both spiked tires that are great for icy conditions as well as the river trail at the forks. Additionally, we have non-spiked tires that grip on snow and ice just like your car tires.


But wait! there's more!

We got smart from last year and ordered our cross country skis early.  We hope to have these just before the first snowfall.

Don't forget that we can sharpen your skates! This was an absolute hit last year. During one of our busiest times, we burnt through a grinding stone in a single week! 


What will you be up to this winter? We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.