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We can sharpen skates and wax skis

We can sharpen skates and wax skis

The winter is here again, and you’re probably stuck inside again thinking about what you should be doing to get active. If you have an old pair of skates or cross country skis that hasn't seen the light of day in 35 years, then they will most likely need some attention. 


Bike shop people are alot like farmers, but we also need to pay the bill in the winter. Rather then just closing up we make a pivot once the leafs start to fall. We still have bicycles for sale, but we also have the ability to sharpen skates and wax skis. 


Skate Sharpening 

Last year we invested in a Sparx skate sharpener. This takes human error out of the equation, the system is completely robotic. No more uneven grinds, dull spots, or deep gouges. This is the same thing semi pro teams use on their own skates.

We can sharpen Figure Skates, Goalie Skates, and Hockey Skates.   

We can even sharpen a family's or a whole team's skates for a cheaper rate per skate. (hey, that rhymed)


Click here for skate sharpening prices.


Downhill Ski and Snowboard waxing 

We can wax and sharpen the edges of most skis and snowboards. If you got a minor gash in the base of your ski or snowboard we can fix that too. 


Click here for downhill ski waxing prices.


Cross Country Skis 

We can wax almost any cross country ski that comes through our doors. Skin skis, crown skis, waxless skis, classic skis, and skate skis. 

Click here for cross country ski waxing prices.


How do I drop off my skates or skis? 

When you make your order online, give us a call and we can organize the best time to drop by. The time it takes to sharpen your skate usually averages 10-20 minutes per pair. The time will depend on how worn the skates are and how large our workload is on that day.

Normally if you have one pair of skates, we will be done in the time it takes you to grab a coffee and come back. 


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