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Top 10 Winnipeg Bike Trails For E-Bikes

Top 10 Winnipeg Bike Trails For E-Bikes

So, you just got your new e-bike, and you want to celebrate by taking it out for a spin. Where can you best utilize your new purchase? Sure, going around the block might suffice, but what you really need is a spot where you can fully enjoy everything your electric bicycle has to offer. Luckily, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a lot bigger than most people think, which means there are many locations where you can take your e-bike.

Here are the top 10 Winnipeg Bike trails for you and your e-bike to explore:

Seine River Greenway 

Just as the name suggests, the Seine River Greenway is a beautiful trail with lots of greenery to enjoy while biking around. The Greenway has a 3.5 km loop that takes an average of 46 minutes to complete. This spot is rich for its historical fur trading routes and is now used for mountain biking, hiking, dog walking, and bird watching. It’s open year-round and always makes for a breath-taking break away from the city.

Aspen to Preston Trail 

This 5.5 km loop trail is located near Winnipeg and takes around 70 minutes to complete. This is a peaceful location, best used for biking, hiking, and birding. It’s open year-round, which makes it a prime spot for all to enjoy.

Yellow Ribbon Greenway 

You can experience this 11.9 km trail that takes roughly 2 ½ hours to complete. While biking, you’ll notice many runners and dog walkers taking advantage of the peacefulness in the area. 

Assiniboine Park: Wolseley & Wellington Loop

Try out this very popular 7.2 km loop trail near the river. It takes about an average of  1 ½ hours to complete. You’ll most likely come across many other people at this location, as it’s often used for walking, running, biking, relaxing, and dining at the Park Cafe. It’s open year-round, which makes it a fun spot for off-leash dogs. 

Wellington Crescent & Wolseley Avenue: East Loop

Take your e-bike for a spin around this 5.8 km loop. It takes roughly 75 minutes to complete. You can make the most out of this beautiful location by road biking, hiking, or walking the dog. The best part about this location is that it’s rarely busy, making for a peaceful biking experience. 

Sagimay, Traverse, & Preston Trail Loop 

This 3.5 km loop is considered an easy route that you can finish in roughly 45 minutes. The location is quite popular but offers enough quiet for a peaceful bike ride. The trail is open year-round to all.


Assiniboine Park Preston Trail

You can finish this 10.1 km Assiniboine Park route in around 2 hours and 10 minutes. Many cyclists use this location often, as do hikers and dog walkers. It’s a busy but peaceful area. 

South St. Vital Trail 

This route in the South St. Vital area offers a 5.3 km, 70 minute-long trail to lots of bike riders and joggers. It can be used for many outdoor-related activities but remains an enjoyable route for cyclists.

Northeast Pioneers Greenway

This historic site is open year-round and is a prime spot to take your mountain bike for a spin. The route is 6.9 km and takes an average of  1 ½ hours to finish. There’s much to enjoy about the serene greenery that the location has to offer.

Harte Trail

The beautiful Harte trail is a narrow strip of wilderness on an old railway bed. This popular 13.2 km route takes just under 3 hours to complete. The best time to visit this location is during the warmer days between April and September, as riding e-bikes in Winnipeg winters are very intense. 

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