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Can an Electric Bike also be a Mountain bike?

Can an Electric Bike also be a Mountain bike?

Graham has been shopping for an EBike all spring and has really been interested in its benefits for a few years now. He first came to Northern Bicycle Company in April of this year and last week he finally took the plunge to get an electric bicycle last week so that this week he can head out on some new adventures.
Graham couldn’t wait to show off his new purchase - a small motorhome that he plans to take across Western Canada this summer. What he needed was a vehicle to drive around for when he gets to new locations - and he needed a way to explore that would get him off the beaten track. He found that in a mid-drive mountain EBike like the Norco Charger VLT.
With his new EBike stored safely in his motorhome, Graham is able to drive without worrying about pulling a car or locking up a scooter to the outside of his vehicle. As he arrives in a new town, he just has to pull out his bike and hop on to explore, pick up essentials and get some exercise. The mid-drive motor gives Graham the ability to easily remove the front or rear wheel for easy storage. He even has folding pedals in case he needs just a little more space inside on a rainy day.
Many people believe that an EBike is for people who don’t want to exercise, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. An EBike gives George the option to go further and faster than without the assistance of a motor but also gives him the Graham to turn off the assist and just enjoy pedalling under his own power. With the mountain bike suspension and tires, he’s also got the option to try some of the more interesting trails that he comes across on his travels.
Send us some pictures Graham!
Northern Bicycle Company carries iGO Electric E-Bikes and Norco VLT E-Bikes because bicycles were meant to give you the freedom to move and explore at your pace. Come talk to one of our coaches to help you find your best ride, powered by battery or on a traditional bike, powered by you. We also have a full-service repair shop so that your bicycle continues to run and give you peace of mind.