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Looking for a Peloton? Get a Bike Trainer instead!

Looking for a Peloton? Get a Bike Trainer instead!



However, with winter approaching, many of us are thinking about how we can stay active and even avoid some of the traps we fall into during our winter hibernation. 


I have GOOD NEWS for you because we think about these problems and anticipated that you might just need an indoor trainer.


5 reasons how a trainer can help you

  1. It uses your existing bike so you don’t need to store another piece of exercise equipment. It also means that you’re already sized and fitted - no need to make big changes. 
  2. It’s quiet enough to watch TV or listen to your favourite podcasts while you ride.
  3. If you have multiple bikes, you can quickly switch out bikes so that everyone can have access.
  4. Riding 3-4 times a week, at an easy pace will grow your stamina and release endorphins. 
  5. You can take it with you - group rides with a few friends (with social distancing of course).


We have JetBlack trainers in stock (for as long as they last). We love these trainers because they’re simple (no cables, no dials, no plastic knobs to break) with variable resistance as you ride.  

  • The basic magnetic trainer (JetBlack S1) is perfect for recreational cyclists who simply want to keep moving and are not practicing their sprint finishes or wanting to climb Alpe d’Huez.
  • The JetBlack Z2 is a fluid trainer that can handle high powered riders and gives a more realistic road feel. As you pedal, the resistance increases.
  • At the top of the market is the JetBlack Volt: a Smart Trainer that is perfect for those who want to know all their data, want to ride in a virtual reality environment like Zwift or those who have through axle bikes that don’t easily adapt to a basic trainer.


How we can help you get setup on your new Indoor Trainer

If by now you are convinced that a Bike trainer is for you, we can also help you get it setup in your home. 

  • We can show you in store how to set up the trainer 
  • For $10 we can swap your regular tires for the trainer tire you already have or bought 
  • If you’re in Winnipeg, we can deliver your new trainer and help you set up the bike in your home
  • We can clean your bike so it will not track dirt into your home 
  • If your bike needs a little TLC then we can do any repairs it needs to keep spinning all winter long 


Many of us have high hopes for our winter fitness and yet so often we fail to follow through. The right trainer is just the start of your future health and winter survival, but it’s a good start. We’re here when your motivation is lagging with the encouragement and equipment to keep you discovering new adventures. 



See you on the trails,