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Is an  Electric Bike safe?

Is an Electric Bike safe?

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned to me that they were much more nervous about E-Bikes since Simon Cowell’s E-Bike accident. I don’t blame her, as there are risks involved in any kind of activity. However, we can learn from Cowell’s incident and safely find new adventures on an E-Bike.


Here are some keys to being safe on an E-Bike

  1. Get properly fitted and trained at your Local Bike Shop. These are the industry experts who can take the time to listen to your needs and goals, and match you with the best bike for you.
  2. Set up your bike properly. Let your Local Bike Shop Guide help you with saddle height, handlebar reach, make sure that the bolts are tight and that the lights work. Take the time to ask questions and learn how the different features work on your new ride.
  3. Use the throttle wisely. Many of the new E-Bikes on the market have a thumb throttle which allows you to ride without pedalling. As great as the throttle is, bicycles were meant to be pedalled - the throttle is a good assist tool but not meant to be used exclusively.
  4. Take time to get used to the power. Our iGO Electric Bikes can be fine-tuned so that your bike can be energy efficient or jump off the line like a race car. 
  5. Ride at a safe speed. Manitoba law requires that the bikes must be governed to 32 km/hr (20mph). Any faster and you would be required to licence and insure your new E-Bike. I have personally found that when I ride at 30kph other vehicles and pedestrians are surprised by my speed, so I have to be extra-vigilant and aware.
  6. What are you doing to be seen? Many motorists and pedestrians are not looking for cyclists - the part of our brain that registers threats doesn’t think that cyclists are dangerous. Bright clothing is important, getting eye-contact with motorists is key but the number one thing you can do to be seen is to use daytime running lights. A light on the front and the back will help other roadway users to see you. In addition to daytime running lights, you can also use a helmet with a light on the back such as our Kilowatt helmets from Serfas.


E-Bikes can be a safe way to travel - their speed can allow you to get out of difficultly quickly and their pedal assist helps a whole family to ride together without having to wait for slower riders. Every day we hear about the freedom our friends are experiencing on their E-Bikes. However, you must be aware of the dangers of riding a heavy bike at quick speeds. If you would like to tell us your experiences on an Electric bike in Winnipeg we would love to hear about it in the comments!

Are you still curious as to what an electric bike is? We have many different bikes in stock to try out. Give us a call or email anytime and we can schedule a time for your test ride.