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How to get the right bike size for a child

How to get the right bike size for a child

Hello Friends! 

As the holidays are getting near you may be thinking of the next best present you will give your little ones. 

I remember waking up on Christmas morning at 4 am, well before my parents were up, just to sneak downstairs and take a peek at all the presents that were waiting for us in the morning. It's a magical feeling seeing the gifts and wondering what may be inside. 

One of the best presents I ever got was a big one from my grandparents. A brand new Mountain Bike! I opened it up,my dad built the bike for me and we had it professionally tuned by a mechanic. The moment I got it home I wanted to try it out. However once it was put together we quickly found out my grandparents had gotten me, a 12 year old, an adult Mountain bike. 

My Heart was broken. Not only could I not ride the bike that summer, it took me 2 years before I could even swing my leg over the top bar of the bike. Once I did have enough height on me, I quickly crashed that bike into a tree because I was still too small for the bike.You may be asking in your head, why did my grandparents buy a comically large bike for this little kid? Because they wanted to buy a bike for me that I would grow into. 

Looking with hindsight I see now that this was simply an over correction that many parents have. We were a money conscious family and we wanted to make sure that everything we got was a good value. Rather than getting the cheapest bike at the time, they wanted to get something to last a lifetime. 


How do you get the correct bike sizing for my kids?

You will be pleased to know that someone else is thinking about this stuff too. We want your child to enjoy riding this year and for many years to come, so we have some ways to help you.

Norco has a wonderful sizing guide for their kids bikes. Ranging from a 12 inch bike to a 24 inch bike.

Which Kids’ Bike is the best value? 

Children grow quickly, so it is best to buy a bike for them that will fit for 1-2 years. Always keeping them fit to the correct bike can get pricey. Your dollar stretches further with a quality Norco children’s bike. 

  • Northern mechanics professionally assemble the bike for you. This is a $70 value.
  • Northern takes care of your first annual tune-up. Another $70 value.
  • We offer a TRADE-UP program on Norco bikes because your child is going to grow. We’ll give you up to half your purchase price towards the purchase of a new Norco. 

With this in mind, for a Norco Kids bike that costs $320 you are realistically only spending $20.

$70 - Tune
$70 - Build
$160 - Trade-up

$300 in value and you don’t have to buy a bike that’s too big.

Why do we do this?

You, smiling on your bike is our goal. The right bike, properly sized and maintained should give you years of happy riding.

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