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Holiday Surprise!

Holiday Surprise!

Hello Friends! 

We hope you are keeping warm and happy days. Now that the snow is here to stay, here at the shop we are getting ready for our winter season. This means skis are getting waxed, skates are getting sharpened, and winter bikes are getting tuned up.


This will be our first Holiday season here at Northern and we want to make it special for you! We have been hard at work to think of an extra special gift you can give (or keep for yourself) that represents us and the things we love here at the shop.

What do we love? 

  1. Bikes
  2. Nice coffee mugs
  3. Chocolate 


We sourced coffee cups from Scout Coffee and our chocolate from Decadence Chocolates both local shops here in Winnipeg. We also added in your choice of either a skate sharpening, or a tire patch kit for a bike. The Entire package is selling for only $35.00! 

We have 10 Mugs available. If this turns out well, then we have some other surprises that we are sure you’ll love.

If you would like to purchase one of these packages, purchase it online here. You can either pick it up from your car by coming to the shop, or we can deliver it to your home. 


If you have any suggestions of some gifts you would like in a future box, please let us know! 
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