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Fall Bike Riding: the Gear, The Fun.

Fall Bike Riding: the Gear, The Fun.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. Fall is in the air and it's starting to cool off a bit. What better way to enjoy this season than by taking your bike out for a spin? Whether its to ride to work or go enjoy the many trail systems we have around Winnipeg.

In order to ride safely, you'll need appropriate gear: helmet, gloves, water bottle, and good shoes or boots that provide stability on uneven surfaces for this type of riding.

A few words about helmets: they can be uncomfortable if you have an unusually shaped head. There are helmets out there for all different head shapes and sizes. Some will be more comfortable than others but the most important thing is to find a helmet that fits your head. Safety first, always. That's the key to why you need a helmet. Some folks will use a helmet liner, toque, or neck gaiter on their head to keep the nippy wind off their ears. Most helmets are size adjustable to handle this.

Don't forget your trusty water bottle it gets hot during fall rides even when the temperatures seem low, hydration matters. We often will grab our backpack with a bladder in it since the pack can hold some layers we shed, spare tools, and even a tube.

Another gear idea, especially for riding to work is fenders. They can help keep the wet and filth off you and your bike's drivetrain. No one enjoys a wet strip up their back. We have fenders in store that fully wrap over your tires or just simple ones that can be removable.

For most people, the idea of cycling in cooler weather may seem counterintuitive. But biking during fall is a wonderful activity that many find liberating. Something to consider when riding your bike during these seasons is how to dress appropriately for the weather, which will be colder than you're used to if it's not cold where you live currently.

Always have gloves with you on a ride in order to provide protection from road rash should you fall off your bike. Most gloves also protect hands from windchill, which can lead to frostbite in extreme cases of exposure.

Also, a warmer base layer is ideal. Maybe it's the old hoodie you love to wear and a shell. The key is to layer your clothing so you can shed a layer as it gets warm, or zip up if you're getting chilly.

Finally, let's consider lights. The darn sun seems to go down fast so if you're out during the evening lights are a great way to extend that day. If you're commuting then ideally a front and rear light. On the rear, you'll be wanting a flashing red so cars behind you can see you, and on the front, a reasonably bright light will help you see ahead whether on city streets or bike paths. For trail riding, it's recommended to get the brightest light you can afford. Some folks will opt for a light on their handlebar and on their helmet for greater visibility on the trails. 

Fall night rides on trails can be a blast. Making those trails you enjoyed all spring and summer feel fresh and new. If you've not tried it we can't recommend fall night rides enough. We're even planning a few group rides for this fall, details are to be determined.

Come see us in-store to learn more about how to make fall an awesome time of year to ride, and grab some of those missing pieces in your kit to get out and ride with. We're here to help make your riding experience full of joy like it's the first time you rode a bike.