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E-Bike Tire Buying Guide

E-Bike Tire Buying Guide

Choosing the right electric bike is one thing; ensuring that you have the correct tires is another. A simple tire choice can impact how your e-bike handles and rides. Each type of e-bike tire can affect your speed, range, maneuverability, and suspension. It’s integral that you choose the right tire, as electric bikes tend to go at higher speeds than the average bike. The last thing you want to deal with is a popped or deflated tire while you’re out for a ride. 

When considering what e-bike tire is right for you, there are some things you should think about:

Know Your Terrain 

Take into consideration the type of environments where you’ll be utilizing your e-bike. Will you be riding off-road or on-road? It can make a huge difference in your riding experience if you have the proper tires. For example, if you plan on hitting an off-road terrain, you’ll most likely need tires with an aggressive tread to tackle dirt, sand, grass, or any other rough terrain. 

If you’re using your e-bike for leisurely rides or commutes, then smooth commuter tires may be the best fit for you. Thinking about what you’ll be using your electric bike for will help when determining which tire choice can maximize your ride. Your e-bike and tires should match the environment where you reside. You can read up on our guide to e-bikes to help find what choice might be the best for you. 

Size Up/Size Down

E-Bike Tires

Along with terrain, the size of your tires is something to think about. If you go with wider tires, they’ll give your bike more cushion/suspension as you ride. This can help when going over bumps, especially while trail riding. 

However, wider tires will affect your speed and range. That’s why narrow tires are quite popular, especially for those who ride on roads and smooth surfaces. Narrow tires have a smaller contact patch which makes for a faster riding experience. 

It’s a matter of what you prefer and what makes sense for your electric bike. Bikes with more tire width are best suited for frequent, off-road adventures, whereas narrower tires are better for commuting.

E-Bike Wheels

The wheel size surrounding electric bicycles can range from 30-74 cm (12-29”) in diametre. It may not seem important, but this can also have an impact on your biking experience. There are smaller wheel sizes, such as on foldable electric bikes, that range from 30-41 cm (12-16”), which makes it easier to carry or transport your bike. 

You can find the biggest wheels associated with bikes that are used for sports and racing.

The Best E-Bike Tires

Continental CONTACT Plus

Continental CONTACT Plus tires are a good choice for most e-bikes. They’re easy to install and provide good grip and tread for optimal traction while riding. These electric bicycle tires are best used for faster travelling speeds, as it brings down the rolling resistance. These tires also have an anti-aging sidewall that prevents the formation of cracks. 

Continental Front & Rear e-MTB

These tires provide the right amount of traction required when handling an electric mountain bike. The wheels are wider, which makes for a better riding experience when tackling rougher terrains. There are also variations of this tire choice depending on what you need them for. 

Maxxis Hookworm 

This is the perfect tire choice for street use, as it has a flatter tread and excellent grip. Their PSI levels are quite high, which means you can pump up your tire pressure for more speed or range.

Maxxis Holy Roller

These great tires perform adequately enough for the occasional off-roading while still performing well on the streets. This tire’s dirt to pavement versatility makes it a dependable choice when switching between hard and rough conditions. 

Mongoose Fat Tire 

This fat tire choice works best when riding on softer ground. While it has its limitations, the most beneficial aspect of these e-bike tires is the aggressiveness of the knobs, which are big enough to provide traction. 

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

These Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are lightweight and effective when riding over certain surface conditions. With a puncture-resistant layer, you’ll get the most protection while biking. However, you’ll need to be extra careful in wet conditions, but the Schwalbe marathon tires will be able to manage many bike rides around the city.


Why Do E-Bikes Need Specific Tires?


You’ll want your e-bike tire to be able to support the extra weight. Unlike a regular bike, e-bikes can range between 20-23 kg (45-50 lbs) and sometimes even 32 kg (70 lbs). 

In addition to their larger frame and rims, electric bikes have specific features that make them heavier than conventional bikes. The electric-50 poundstric motor is located on the bottom bracket or rear hub of the bike, adding a significant amount of weight. The electric bike battery and controller also add to that added weight. Certain electric bikes may have additional features that continue to add weight, such as lights, kickstands, racks, fenders, and other accessories.

Fast Rolling Speeds

An average electric bike can go as fast as 32 kph (20 mph). Due to how fast these bikes can go, you’re going to need high-quality tires that are designed to take the abuse at high speeds. This factor, combined with the amount of weight electric bikes come with, can put a lot of pressure on your wheels. 

Wear & Tear

Your centre of gravity is placed on the rear tire of your e-bike when you’re sitting on/riding it. The rear tire then experiences more wear and tear due to the added weight. In addition, rear tires experience more torque from the electric motor, which adds more force from braking or accelerating. 

Most fat tires can take on the added weight and force from braking and accelerating. However, a narrower e-bike tire might wear down quicker due to the amount of pressure it experiences during bike rides. 

If you’re looking for the best selection of electric bikes in Winnipeg, you’ve come to the right place. We have many different electric bike types and products to equip you for your next biking experience. With years of knowledge surrounding all things electric bicycle-related, we can ensure that you’ll find your next bike when you visit our shop in sunny St. James today.