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Don't let your bike be a pain in the a$$.

Don't let your bike be a pain in the a$$.

You’ve got a fantastic bike, and you love it. It’s been with you for years. But it has a nagging issue which keeps you from riding as much as you want to. We understand. All the time we see great old bikes that just need the dust wiped off and air in the tires. We’ll ignore that little bit of surface rust, it won’t hurt.

The pain about the bike is it hurts you. It’s just not fitting right, it’s not comfortable to ride. A bike ride may last 20-30 minutes because that nasty pain flairs up, you remember what it was, where it hurt. Then put the bike away for many more months.

How about dealing with the pain. All bikes can be customized to suit your body. We fully understand this. Perhaps your hands go numb, or your butt. Maybe your feet slip off the pedals. No big deal, we can solve that!

This is what we call the tailoring of your bike. Think about when you buy a nice dress or suit. Does it fit perfectly right off the shelf? Not a chance. There needs other be some taken in our let out in places. Maybe the leg area needs to be hemmed to fit better. Your bike is no different. The stock form is “one size fits most” kind of idea. But with some tailoring your bike pains can be relieved and your rides far more enjoyable.

The main points of contact are where to start. Hands, butt, and feet.

Hands - numbness happens and with rising the handlebars up, some chunkier grips, or even a different shaped handlebar you can achieve comfort that relaxes your hands and body. Sleepy hands means you may not be able to brake effectively, or with the wrong positioning on the bike it tires other parts out faster like your shoulders.

Butt - for as many A$$es there are saddles. Don’t go for that big chunky couch saddle right off. It’s likely not the solution. Neither are those padded things to put on a saddle (but we do carry then if you want one). A proper fitting saddle is best.

Saddles are measured generally in narrow, medium, and wide. What the measurement is based on is your sit bones. How narrow or wide your sit bones in your pelvis are is what actually effects the comfort for your butt. We have an excellent selection of saddles in store. Once we went through 7 different saddles to find the right one for a customer.

Feet - often stock bikes come with basic pedals. An upgrade to wider and grippier pedals will help your feet stay planted. IT’s not fun trying to power into a pedal stroke and your foot slips. Maybe your feet go numb. One of our favourite pedals are the RaceFace Chesters. They come in loads of fun colours. But more importantly they have plenty of grip, and support for your feet to stay on the bike.

We truly want to ensure your bike fits you and is comfortable so you’ll enjoy longer cycling adventures exploring all the great trails and paths in Winnipeg by bike. Stop in to see our staff on ideas to make your bike more comfortable. We’re always happy to offer help so you can go further.


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