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Does your bike feel slower in winter?

Does your bike feel slower in winter?

Temperatures have dipped in Winnipeg and you’re still out bravely riding your bike in winter. It’s been a few weeks of snow, and slush, and now it’s colder outside. Sadly your bike seems to be sluggish. No, the solution isn’t to bring your bike inside, wrap it in a blanket, and offer it hot chocolate. Although you should treat yourself to days like that at times.
Winter cycling in Winnipeg takes its toll on bikes. With the salt, sand, and cold temps our bikes tend to slow down. So what do we do to prevent the slowdown?
The first thing is to prevent rust. All the wet from snow seeps into drivetrain components and starts to form rust. Take a peak at your chain, likely there are rusty patches. Hidden deep in your derailleur are sticky rust spots too.
A great solution we have found for this is Muc-Off MO94. It’s a miracle product. It’s formulated to push out moisture and creates a thin layer of lubricant on your parts. Simply apply MO94 by grabbing a can giving it a good shake and start spraying it. Spray it on your chain, cassette, and derailleur after a ride. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe off the access. This will send that rust packing.
We’ve also found for your chain that using lube meant for wintery conditions helps as well. Muc-Off makes a -50C lube and it’s designed to withstand the coldest of conditions. Well, we do live in Winnipeg, cold happens. Whether you're a roadie, mountain biker, commuter, or fat bike rider, -50°C Chain Lube will keep your chain running smoothly and prevent any links from freezing. Degrease your chain and dry it. Then apply -50C chain lube. Ideally, do this 3-4 hours before a ride so it can get deep into your chain and create a protective layer on each link. Before your ride wipe off the access. Then go out and have a great time! Know your chain has been prepared for winter cycling in Winnipeg and beyond.
Finally, our mechanics have discovered you should overhaul your hubs with winter grease. Riding in Winnipeg winters our wheels slow down. Ever wonder why it feels so much harder to keep your bike rolling in winter? In cold temps petroleum-based grease as found in most bike hubs starts to get sticky and firm up. Typically around -20 regular grease won’t work well and causes your wheels to not spin freely. This is where winter grease shines. Replacing petroleum grease with grease that handles the cold temps will make your wheels spin freely like they are meant to. Which means it will still be easy to pedal.
So win at winter riding this year! Use M094 to prevent rust, -50C chain lube to keep your chain from freezing, and overhaul your hubs with winter grease. We know winter can be a load of fun for bike riding, and applying these tips will ensure a great time.