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Cycle slower and love it

Cycle slower and love it

Time always seems short. We rush between appointments, our family needs our attention, and there are our jobs. It seems like days pass faster and faster.
When comes to our bikes the idea is to cram in some fitness. We try to get from a to b as fast as we can, or we leave our bike and grab the car to get places. What if we decided to slow our cycling adventures down?
When it comes to bike rides most articles are about how to go faster, cover more distance, and get fit. Well, let’s consider this the anti-article and think about riding slower. Ignore the fancy gear, supplements, and ideas of a trainer. Cycle slower.
Imagine an easy-paced bike ride through Winnipeg. Stop for a conversation with a friend, take time for a coffee, or even relax and enjoy the ride for the sake of riding.
Cycling slower can be great for your health both mental and physical. The move towards cycling slower can have lasting impacts on your life. Your brain will appreciate the slowness. Your mind will ease as you allow yourself to be captivated by the joy of riding a bike.
Not everyone needs a race bike. Those are for folks that want speed. But what about the rest of us who like a slower pace, you know us non-cyclist bike users?
That’s where the beloved “dad bike” comes into play. You know the one, it’s upright, has a rack or basket for carrying things, and is not built for speed. These days we call that a hybrid, and it’s a great bike for getting places, going to see friends, or commuting to work.
We stock many great models of hybrid-style bikes. Upright, comfortable, utilitarian. Some are as we call acoustic bikes (pedal only) and we have electric versions.
The key to slowing down on a cycling adventure is coffee. Not only does stopping at a good quality coffee shop mean taking some time to enjoy the coffee. But consider if you’re riding with a coffee in a holder on your bike. Careful you don’t want that delicious single-origin coffee to spill so you ride slower. Then stop at a nice park bench to overlook one of the many rivers, have a chat with a friend or stranger, and sip coffee. Take time to realize how great Winnipeg actually is., and how fun it is to explore on a bike ride.
Slow cycling is about enjoying the ride, taking in the scenery, and having a slow roll around the city. Riding your bike is all about having fun. Find the joy in getting from point A to B, no matter how long or short that journey may be. It is freedom. It is transport. It is whatever you make it to be.
So grab a coffee and embrace a slow ride. If you need a bike to help do that, come check out our shop and get fit with a bike perfectly suited to you.

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