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How To Care For Your Snowshoes

How To Care For Your Snowshoes

We are so pleased that you are renting or purchasing snowshoes. By following these simple instructions, you can ensure a great experience from beginning to end.

If you haven't rented yet, you can do so here! 
  1. Inspect your rental for cracks, torn straps or broken buckles. These issues may cause irreversible damage. DO NOT USE AND REPORT IF ISSUES EXIST.
  2. Put your snowshoes on flat ground and ensure that the straps are snug against your boot. Snowshoes should not be loose.
  3. ALWAYS WALK ON FLAT GROUND...Never walk on obstacles such as logs or rocks as the wooden frame IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD YOUR WEIGHT.
  4. DO NOT hit your snowshoe rental against another object. ALWAYS USE YOUR HAND to brush off snow.
  5. Enjoy making your own trail! Trek through deep snow and explore areas only the cold winter can open up for you.
  6. Please report any damages or issues to the Northern Bicycle staff upon rental return.