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How to improve your bike ride in 6 ways

How to improve your bike ride in 6 ways

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the shipping issues, supply issues and even the parts shortages in many industries as our economy deals with the pressures of the pandemic. Cycling has been deeply impacted because so many of us are getting to love cycling again (or more). Here are some ways to love the bike you’re with.
  1. Fresh rubber. - new tires will not only give your bike a new look but will also decrease your stopping distance, give you more grip on corners and give you more flat protection. We’ve got options for old rebuilds, serious commuters, kids who love to lay down big skids and off road shredders who need grip and even want to go tubeless. Blackwalls or gumwalls, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Add a splash of colour. - grips, pedals and baskets can be a fun way to make your bike smile. Is your bike a little too basic coloured? Add some red or blue, even pink or green and everyone will start to recognize your ride.  And have you seen our handmade, woven baskets? Each one is signed by the African artist who created it.
  3. Clean it up! We all know, a clean bike just runs better. Muc-Off has an amazing 3 step process to get the muck off, the clean in and the shine on! You can do it yourself with their pressure washer kit or 8-in-1 Bucket, or you can have our team shine it up for you.
  4. Tune it up! We can do that. Sometimes there’s just a little thing that needs attention - bring it in. Other times, the bike you love needs a good front to back renewal - our Essentials and Overhaul packages are just what you need to keep on rolling.
  5. Load it up. Try a basket on front, a rack on the back, panniers (saddlebags) to put stuff in or a little seat bag to carry essentials. Your bike can haul as much or as little as you need with the right accessories.
  6. Be herd and seen! Bells to announce yourself, daytime running lights, bright coloured helmets and gloves to keep your hands protected. While we don’t ever want you to need them, your safety matters a lot when you’re travelling by bicycle.
Lots of options here (and a few good future blog posts too). When it’s hard to get a new bike or you just want to love your bike more, we’ve got you. 
Whatever your adventure, we want your bike to make you smile.