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5 things to know before setting up your bike to ride inside

5 things to know before setting up your bike to ride inside

You want to stay active but the cold is too cold and you're just not into the gym scene? You've already got a comfortable bike, why not set yourself up to ride inside this winter?

With your current bike in mind, we can match you up with the best trainer to help you reach your goals. Whether you are training to win races or just want to avoid sore muscles when you can get back outside, we have the experience and equipment to get you riding inside today

5 things to know before setting up your bike to ride inside:

1. It's easy. Compared to setting up a home gym or getting all dressed up brave the outdoors, with a bicycle trainer, often you can be up and going in less than 15 minutes

2. Not all trainers are equal. Magnetic trainers are great for low-intensity athletes. Just to get moving is the goal with this style. If you like to ride hard and fast, you'll appreciate an upgrade to the fluid trainer.

3. Fluid trainers will more closely feel like you're on the road and handle higher-powered rides. They're moderately priced and built to last. This is for you if you're a strong rider on a budget. If you're looking for an interactive ride or love to track your progress, you will enjoy a Smart trainer

4. Smart trainers will give you all sorts of data to keep you interested and training properly. You've got options here - standard wheel on trainers or Direct Drive. Both are going to communicate with your phone or computer or training device. A smart trainer with Direct Drive will be quiet and effectively help a serious athlete with all their training information, but it requires a bike with at least a 9 speed rear cassette. You may also want a little help getting it set up the first time.

5. Riding inside can be challenging, especially if you feel alone. We recommend joining a Zwift (virtual reality rides) group or getting a riding buddy to stay motivated and accountable.

Let us help you get set up. Just ask and we can help you either in-store or at your home.