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Fat Bike

Once you go fat....

Seriously, fat biking around Winnipeg is amazing! So many great parks, loads of cleared cycling routes, and best of all the Nestaweya River Trail. Outside the city, the options increase with St. Norbert, Birds Hill Park, and loads of other spots. There is no shortage of opportunities to ride fat bikes. 

Imagine cruising through the white pine forests on a fat bike, or on the rivers, or the many bike paths around Winnipeg. Embrace winter we sure see a lot of it, grab a fat bike and go make memories. But don't limit fat biking to just winter, hit the sandy beaches around Manitoba. Fat bikes are great in snow and sand because of the wide tires with low pressure. For winter, you may want to consider studded fat bike tires for that extra confidence to stay upright. 

We offer some excellent brands including Norco, KHS, and Old Man Winter. We also have many fat bike accessories to customize your ride and keep you warm. Come in our Winnipeg store to get sized up on a fat bike. If you're unsure if you'll like it we do offer fat bike rentals. So you can try it before you buy.