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Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Winnipeg

Biking in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a beneficial lifestyle choice for many. Every Winnipegger knows the trials and tribulations of biking across the many concrete, gravel, or grassy terrains in the city. While biking is superb for your health and a little adventuring, you may start to be wondering about the craze surrounding electric bikes.

Take your biking a notch higher while biking through Assiniboine Park or down the Harte Trail. There are so many fun opportunities to be had with your trustworthy e-bike from our shop located in sunny St. James.

What Are E-bikes?

Electric bike, or e-bike for short, is exactly how it sounds. An e-bike looks quite similar to its traditional counterpart but with a motor, controller, and battery that are all integrated into the design. 

An e-bike pedals and handles like a regular bike. While many individuals may think that implementing motorization is counterproductive while biking, they’re mistaken. The electric component of an e-bike is meant to enhance the biking experience for a rider, as well as make it fun. It’s helpful in managing obstacles, such as going upward on a hill and going against strong winds.

Are Motorized Bikes Legal in Winnipeg?

E-bikes, also known as power-assisted bicycles, e-bikes, or e-scooters, fall under the same laws made for traditional bikes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

However, there are specific laws pertaining to an e-bike that you must take into consideration. A power-assisted bike cannot exceed more than 32 kilometres an hour and must possess an electric motor under 500 watts. All of the same laws and regulations that apply to regular cyclists are still mandatory for e-bike riders. Much like traditional biking, a helmet must be worn while on an e-bike, and utilizing proper hand signals and obeying the rules of the road amongst cars is the law.

Benefits of E-bikes

There are many features to be taken advantage of when you switch to an e-bike, including:

  • Faster speed: Due to the motorization, the e-bike allows you to increase your speed, which can increase your range of travel.
  • Better commuting: You can travel faster and longer, which makes for more convenient commuting whether it’s for work, school, or any destination that requires some quick travelling. 
  • Sustainability: Going electric is just another way to decrease your environmental impact. You’ll actively be going green and cutting down on the gas-powered vehicles that you could be operating. 
  • Versatility: There are a few ways to ride an e-bike. You get the options of pedal-only, pedal-assist, and throttle-only. In addition, some e-bikes have accessories that you can use to customize your biking.
  • Health and wellness: An essential aspect is that bike riding will prove beneficial to your health. You have the option to exercise in pedal-only mode, which will provide a more traditional experience.

There are so many Winnipeg destinations to explore, and the best way to do it is on an e-bike. Let’s take bike riding to the next level. At Northern Bicycle, we offer a variety of bikes and products to ensure you find the right option. Visit us in-store today and leave on your new e-bike.