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Bike Repairs



We have over 20 years of experience servicing all brands and styles of bikes. You can trust us for honest and reliable bike repairs in Winnipeg. 




When your bike is feeling under the weather bring it to us. Whether you bought the bike from us or somewhere else we're here for you. At Northern Bicycle we pride ourselves in being a fast and reliable bike shop in Winnipeg.

With a proper working bike, you can go further than you can imagine, and enjoy the peace of mind that you have your bike repair done right. Thanks for trusting us to ensure your adventures are trouble-free. 





Questions about Bike Repairs in Winnipeg


"But I bought my bike somewhere else."

No problem. We will fix your bike no matter its pedigree. we love all bikes and we are happy to repair your bike so you can enjoy trouble-free riding. 

"My bike is making a funny click-click whirring sound."
We fix that. Our head mechanic is a career bike mechanic with over 20 years of experience with bike repairs in Winnipeg. We get our training right from the big guys like Shimano, Trek, and Park Tools.

"I've got an ebike, it's not acting right."

Well, you're in luck we repair all types of electric bikes. It's our specialty. Just bring your e-bike to our repair shop in Winnipeg and we're happy to diagnose the issue and offer solutions for repairing your e-bike. 

Your peace of mind is our priority.
You'll be confident to ride as you want. Helping you enjoy your bike is what we love to do.


To book your Peace of Mind appointment, call us (204) 837-6785 or simply bring your bike in to our store. We have the fastest turnaround times for bike repairs in Winnipeg. 



Can't be apart from your bike?

Sometimes it's just an emergency. We understand. Order the EXPRESS SERVICE for an additional $50 and we'll make your ride a priority. We will pick your bike up from within the city limits of Winnipeg. Reserve your time by calling us at the shop at (204) 837-6785.